Search engine optimisation continues to prove itself as the most effective and efficient method of driving leads in the online arena.

New research from the ‘State of Digital Marketing’ shows that SEO holds the top position for lead generation. Digital marketers that completed the survey ranked SEO at number one, social media at number two and Pay-Per-Click at number three.

The 59 percent that said SEO makes the biggest impact on their digital marketing efforts is up 2 percent from last years survey. This increase can be seen as against the odds with many online marketers concerned that Google’s recent Panda and Penguin updates may have a negative effect on SEO, it appears it hasn’t and that the updates may be working, connecting searchers with relevant content. SEO dominates the survey, being voted more effective than social media and PPC combined.

In the B2B market, 26 percent of marketers said social media was the most effective, in B2C, 25 percent believed it was the most effective. The breakdown of the social media platforms is –

·      LinkedIn – 41 percent

·      Facebook – 36 percent

·      Twitter – 30 percent

Even as SEO holds the top position for driving leads, a complete online marketing strategy incorporating SEO, social media and PPC will give optimum results. Different platforms and methods can be used to target buyers in certain areas of their buying cycle, this gives you the flexibility to complete a branding and awareness campaign right through to targeting users that are looking to buy right now.

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